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PM + UI / UX + Development

The Product

Develop a product that brought employees and sales staff to one place, where they could manage their day-to-day and provide customer history visibility across the company.


Sales, delivery, and administrative staff were all using their own processes or none at all, many of which provided visibility company-wide

Business Goal

Create a system that will gain employee buy-in via providing visibility on product, inventory, customers, etc all with one login.

  • Employees' unwillingness to change
  • Outdated POS and inventory systems


Johnson Fitness & Wellness
CSO, CMO, Senior Ecommerce Manager

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The Research

"... The delivery team had no idea we were installing the treadmill on the 5th floor without an elevator."

- Delivery coordinator

"I had no idea we were running a free delivery & installation promotion this weekend. I didn't get the memo."

- Sales team

"It's almost impossible to know what billiards tables are in stock. There's too many options/skus to put together."

- Sales team
  • Resist change, fear technology
  • Communicate with leads and customers
  • View available inventory for multi-sku products
  • Ability to quote products to customers
  • Company-wide communication
  • Customer, lead, and sales history
  • Dashboards to manage sales team
  • System that fit business modal

The Design

Our goal was to streamline administration and operational processes along with providing a picture of who our customer, by developing:

  1. Custom CRM with quoting tool, canned emails
  2. Custom ecommerce application
  3. Ticketing system for company-wide operations
  4. Executive reporting and data mining tools
  5. Retail store employee scheduler, retail store manager
  6. Custom task system for stores and employees

The Analysis

"... The delivery site survey comes over with all the information I need for scheduling the installation. This makes my life so much easier!"

- Delivery coordinator

"My emails and quotes look so much more professional, and the process is super intuitive. There's no way I wouldn't use this."

- Sales team

"Having visibility our my sales teams productivity and follow-ups with customers gives me good data for discussion during my 1-on-1's with my team members."

- Regional sales manager

Change always takes time, but within a few months, management saw an:

  1. Increase in same-store YOY MTD sales
  2. Increase in customer satisfaction and positive customer experience via reviews
  3. Increase lead and customer correspondence in both emails and quotes from the sales team
  4. Increase efficiency in delivery scheduling and decreased time spent at delivery location