AAA Club Alliance

UI / UX / Product Design

The Product

Update the UI/UX for a variety of legacy auto, travel tour, and landing pages for AAA Club Alliance.


Cluttered, overwhelming content. Not easily scannable. Can't find the information I need.

Business Goal

Convert users from "A" (landing page) to "B" (checkout process) segment of the sales funnel

  • No access to update final stages/steps of checkout
  • Product designers will not be designing all pages


AAA Club Alliance
Product Manager, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, CMO

Live Site




The Research

"The website feels like an outdated print travel brochure from the 90's." "I need someone to come to my home and install a new car battery... Where do I find that service? Let's see where this takes me."

  • Too much content
  • Hard to digest
  • Not easily scannable
  • Can't find what they are looking for
  • Convert to second stage of the sales funnel
  • Focus on primary CTA
  • Current LP layout is too rigid
  • More dynamic/assorted templates

The Design

  1. Moved the selling proposition and call-to-action above the fold
  2. Removed any secondary goal, if possible
  3. Made the hero image more emotional and relatable to the page
  4. Worked with the UX Copywriter to trim and format the content into simplified, digestible bullets
  5. Created two versions for A-B testing and analysis

The Analysis

After user testing, making adjustments, creating final designs, and optimizing again...

  1. Development was provided with wireframes to create multiple templates
  2. Business line owners (Auto, Insurance, Travel) would utilize these when creating new product and landing pages
  3. Templates would have character counts for headers, paragraphs, and bulleted text, along with imagery suggestions

Internal turnover prevented any result analysis, as the project was paused prior to development.